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The Impact Of Immigration On American Workers - 893 Words

The last forty years have seen a dramatic upsurge in the figure of both legal and illegal immigrants arriving in the United States. The overall immigrant population has increased from 9.6 million in 1970 (4.8 percent of the population) to 43 million (13 percent the population) in 2014 ( This immense influx of immigration has incited passionate debate over its costs and benefits. One of the dominant topics in this debate is its effect on American workers, mostly those who work at the bottom of the labor force. There is some discrepancy about the scope of the impact on American workers. However, economists and politicians mostly agree that less educated workers have done badly in the labor market as immigration has increased. Studying the history, causes, and effects of the U.S. Immigration policy will aid in defining its effect on domestic workers. Until the last few decades, most immigrants to the U.S. were more highly educated, skilled, and trained than were the average population in their countries of origin. Much of the immigration to the U.S. during this period was from poor countries. The promise of higher wages and being able to send earnings back home provided skilled workers with more incentive to emigrate to the U.S. Conversely, today’s immigrants, while also coming from impoverished areas, are concentrated in low-wage, low-skill jobs. Recent data showsShow MoreRelatedThe Benefits Of Immigrants During The United States946 Words   |  4 Pagesallowing immigrants into the United States. Some citizens judge that immigration is an impending threat to national security, and that the U.S. should close the borders up for good. The U.S. should not consider that because everything negative that occurs in the U.S. is not due to immigrants. The government can stop illegal immigration right now, but would it not affect t he U.S. more to do so? Restrictionists claim that large-scale immigration, legal and illegal has depressed wages, burdened government resourcesRead MoreNeighbor Relations:. An Immigration Problem Between The1215 Words   |  5 Pages Neighbor Relations: An Immigration Problem between the United States and Mexico Alberto Beltran Sociology 121 November 20, 2013 Outline I. Introduction II. Mass Immigration from Mexico: 1910 to1930 III. Bracero Program IIII. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 V. Impact of Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 VI. Illegal Immigration problem VII. Conclusion I. Introduction The United States has always been considered aRead MoreImmigration On The United States1302 Words   |  6 PagesImmigration Rights in the U.S. Immigration has occurred in the U.S. for for many years. Some say it’s the foundation of our country. America is the country where people leave their own country to live. People would leave due to mistreatment, hunger issues or job opportunities. America is known for starting over or accomplishing dreams, so immigrants travel over to follow those dreams. People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, due to conflictRead MoreDoes Immigration Hurt U.s. Workers?1284 Words   |  6 Pageslittle bit confused but then I stopped at a very interesting for me and hopefully for my group mates topic, which sounds Economic Impacts of Hispanic Immigration. I have chosen this topic, as it is very actual and troublesome situation for many American workers. For the beginning I choose one source (article) where I can discus the topic. Does Immigration Hurt U.S. Workers? – Nowadays it is the main meaningful and very instable question for many skilled (experienced) politicians and economists whoRead MoreIllegal Immigration Is The Entry Of Non Us909 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Illegal immigration is the entry of non-U.S. citizens into the United States without their having applied for entry at one of the many border crossings† (Illegal Immigration 9). There are numerous ways that illegal immigrants travel into the United States. The most common forms of entry are through Canada and Mexico. However, illegal immigration did not used to exist. In fact, immigration without applying to enter into the country was allowed in the United States at the beginning of 1655. OverRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States1315 Words   |  6 Pagesthe amount that trespass the border illegally. Illegal immigration is the unlawful act of crossing a national border(Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons). The illegal immigrant population keeps growing at an annual average of about 300,000 people(Currie 10). In the recent year of 2014, there were about 11.3 million undocumented people living in the United States(Krogstad). Many have asked what harm they do to both the economy and the American citizen. Although there are many arguments as to how muchRead MoreImmigration Reform Should Not Be Eligible For Work Authorization863 Words   |  4 PagesThe Supreme Court will announce their decision in June 2016 on the Obama’s administration proposal regarding immigration reform actions. If passed, the actions will allow millions of undocumented immigration to be eligible for work authorization. This will also effect the implementation of the Deferred Actions for Parents of Americans, Lawful Permanent Residents, and an expansion on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which affects teens and young adults raised in the U.S but born outside theRead MoreIllegal Immigration1709 Words   |  7 Pa gesIllegal Immigration: The Undocumented Issue In this paper I will discuss one of the biggest issues in the United States: Illegal immigrants. Some may say that illegal immigration has a positive impact on the United States’ economy, and some think that these undocumented immigrants affect jobs and wages of people that are living in this country. I think that illegal immigrants harm the United States’ economy through their use of our country’s social services such as health care, education andRead MoreNegative Effects Of Immigration In America1651 Words   |  7 PagesThe Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration in America â€Å"America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of America which had encouraged them most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts†-James Madison The quote as stated above by James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, explains the purpose for America and why immigration is the heart and soul of the country. The first part of the quote directly says immigrants are whatRead MoreImmigration Policy And Its Impact On America882 Words   |  4 Pagespermanently settling in America, the immigration policy has affected all aspects of society in terms of growth and development of economy, societal issues, and national security. As the immigration policy is a broad topic among senators, it needs to be prioritize for it to be better understood. In doing so will improve the immigration policy and grasp the significance of its impact in America. Many of the values that brings America together as a nation, is due to immigration. America is a melting pot of

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Factors That Affect Political Attitudes Of Voters

There is a wide range of factors that influenced people when they cast their secret votes on Election Day. The main research question driven by our survey was to know the factors that shape political attitudes of voters. One of the main political attitude that we are looking at in this research is party affiliation. In order to figure this out, out survey has been grounded around three mains theories. The three main theories that we tested in our survey was about the tendency of certain demographic group to support particular parties, the influence of childhood environment on party identification and the myth of independents voters. The first theory discussed had been discussed in the Chapter 7 â€Å"Party Coalition and Party Change† shows how races, age, educational background and demographic location have influence party coalitions. According to that theory, young, women, and racial minorities tend to affiliate themselves with democrats whereas healthy white, evangelical whi te programs tend to affiliate themselves with republicans. The second theory in the chapter 6 about â€Å"Party identification† identifies how family, relative, and many others religious group influence party affiliation. According to this theory, children tend to grow up and vote the way their parents do. Therefore, families have the first and the most lasting influence on young people s developing political opinions. As this children get older, various others group such as relatives and religious groupShow MoreRelatedAttitude Towards Politics Essay example513 Words   |  3 PagesAttitude Towards Politics A variety of factors, including but not limited to; family, peers, the media and education shape political attitudes. Many things influence the way people feel about politics, and depending on the immediate environments, views can change dramatically. Family can influence the political party that people belong to. Family can also influence the way in which a person does or does not vote. If a family has traditionally voted democratic, chances are that the childrenRead MoreGender And Religion Essay1175 Words   |  5 PagesIntersections of Gender and Religion in Political Participation In the body of political science research, there is a world of information about how female candidates running for office affect the likelihood of women to be politically active. There is also a significant amount of data regarding both candidate religion and religiosity and how these factors could impact their likeability and send subtle messages to voters. However, there is not enough research that has been done on the intersectionRead MoreNews Media And Voting Preferences Essay1391 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The news media plays an important role in society. It sets the stage for political news, manages sources, and controls the information. It functions as a window to the outside world, and possesses the ability to shape public knowledge, attitudes, and voting behavior. The relationship between news media and voting preferences has become a hot topic in recent years worldwide. This paper will focus on the social and social-psychological aspects of media influence on the voting preferencesRead MoreHow Much Does Socioeconomics Really Impact A Person s Partisanship1332 Words   |  6 Pagescomes to an individual’s political identity what is that based on? An individual directs their attention to the political party that best serves their needs and is a close representation of what they believe in. An individual would not vote for a political candidate that does not fit their correct political mold. Every person identifies differently politically and this could change over time dep ending on what the respective parties bring to the table. There are many factors that can make up an individual’sRead MoreThe Importance of Elections as a Linkage Institution and Voting1187 Words   |  5 Pagesinclude elections, political parties, interest groups, and the media. Elections specifically are supposed to encourage public participation in the selection of governmental officials. Unfortunately, low voter turnout has proved that elections are an imperfect linkage institution. Elections depend on voters to be successful, and some factors that relate to the likelihood of voting include age, education, and race. Although some people underestimate the power of the vote, voter turnout is importantRead MoreDifference Between Equality And Opportunity And Equality1247 Words   |  5 Pagesidentifies as parts of our political culture? The elements that the book identifies as parts of our political culture is civic duty, equality,democracy, individual responsibility, and liberty. 2. What is the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of results? The difference between equality of opportunity and equality of results is that all citizen would have an equal chance however they would get different results back. 3.What difference does our American political culture have withRead MoreU.S. Voter Participation Essay1744 Words   |  7 PagesU.S. Voter Participation In a pluralist country such as America, there are numerous opinions over what societys goals should be, and the best method of achieving them. In theory, every American citizen has an equal say in the political affairs of this county. By participating in politics, people air their voices and thereby contribute to nation through representatives, hence the term representative democracy. It may seem to be beyond argument that political participation is a key objectiveRead MoreSocial Contagion, Emotions And The Voter s Paradox1504 Words   |  7 Pagesby any outside factors. To see if this is actually the case, we’ll be examining phenomena such as social contagion, emotions and the â€Å"voter’s paradox†. Checking back in with the Merriam-Webster dictionary, we see that a vote is â€Å"the collective opinion or verdict of a body of persons expressed by voting†. And there is our first obstacle to a perfectly rational vote - when humans make decisions in the presence of others, they’re influenced by what others think. Social pressures affect people’s decisionsRead MoreModern Political Campaigns1854 Words   |  7 PagesModern political campaigns, according to the political science community, are known to not be the only external influence on both public opinion and candidate support during presidential elections in the United States. Whether campaigns hold a significant impact on election outcomes or if they influence public opinion is a debate that continues. Political scientists are currently challenged, when it comes to campaigns, with the ability to measure their type and the spectrum of their influence onRead MoreThe Vs. Recency Effect, Conformity, And Various Techniques Essay1598 Words   |  7 Pagespsychological concepts played a crucial role in many ways such as molding the voters’ minds which determined their actions and behaviours and playing on the psychology of the candidate’s opponents to gain the upper hand. The concepts I will discuss are the primacy vs recency effect, conformity, and various techniques in persuasion. Finally I will talk about how these techniques could be resisted and a more global use of these factors. The news article I have chosen discusses Presendential Election that occurred

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Teaching Mathematics and Science in Schools Free Essays

The way teachers go about their teaching; each day in their classrooms is reflected as ‘teaching style’ or ‘approach’. This approach is better understood when the teachers are observed while they teach. Some teachers prefer activities for children associated with the curriculum, allowing students to chose their activity and complete it by themselves. We will write a custom essay sample on Teaching Mathematics and Science in Schools or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some other teachers would want the class to be attentive to them for most of the time. Certain teachers would like students to work in groups. Thus the methods adopted in the teaching-learning process is broadly reflective of the teacher’s viewpoint of what is ‘learning’ and how it should be brought into children. The process of learning is more successful when children are fully involved with the subject or topic of their learning. This is all the more important when teaching science. Life sciences involving plants and animals; and non-living things are real and can be felt. Experiencing the reality through interaction, makes science not only more interesting, but also easier to understand. Mathematics on the other hand involves a bit more abstract level. Yet, the symbols, signs and figures associated with mathematics with which children work, are self-created reality. In their effort to learn science and mathematics, children proceed further into the subjects, than just at the surface or base encounter. They analyze and interpret the object of focus and attempt to understand ‘how it works’, ‘why its required’ etc. Thus the child begins to develop reasoning for the facts it sees or understands. It may be the development of a new concept, or altering a previously thought concept, or even rejecting an assumption held till then. The teacher  who wants to interestingly engage children in learning science and mathematics must personally sense excitement in learning so as to share it with the children. The teacher should approach the topic of learning and the query asking children in a balanced and parallel manner. The teacher must be sensitive to the requirements of the children and help them to see relationships and understand explanations. For teachers to be proficient and confident in their teaching, it is essential that they understand the triple interactions involved in learning. The teacher must be conscious that while the child is interacting with him or her, the child is also simultaneously interacting with the focused subject. The focused subject or subject matter interacts with both the teacher and the child; while the teacher also interacts with the querying children and the focused subject. It is important to know the development of a child’s understanding and ability to reason, with their growth. Such an understanding is absolutely necessary in developing appropriate contents. For instance in the grades K-4, a child associates a comparison, a description, or a manipulation for all objects, it sees around. Although the child doesn’t understand the science of motion while in this grade; activities like pulling, pushing, dropping of objects gives the child an idea of the cause of motion and its control. Similarly sound, heat, light, magnetism, electricity are broadly perceived through learning, observation and experimentation. However, the child would not be able to identify elements of temperature, magnetic forces, static electricity etc. In the grades 5 to 8, the concept of energy is developed through investigations into the properties of light,  sound, electricity and magnetism. In these grades, there is a considerable shift towards quantitative aspects of subjects. In the 9 –12 grades, students are geared up completely to deal with motion, force, energy; being familiar with theoretical observations and laboratory investigations (NJSC). Here they understand the reasoning behind the laws of motion and why energy is conserved. They are also capable of dealing with technological designs and its problems, using the concepts and principles learnt. The association of brain functioning and educational practices is increasingly becoming an important factor in education. Brain-based findings have been closely monitored by specialists involved in education. The findings of cognitive neuroscience research has considerable bearing on the methodology of education. A new approach connecting brain functioning with education was emphasized in 1983. Leslie Hart, in his book ‘Human Brain, Human Learning’ suggested that by ignoring the brain functioning of students, the success of students is not achieved to its fullest potential. The philosophy of the newly developed ‘brain-based’ education is that the brain is used for everything we do; we should therefore know more about it and use it effectively. Contemporary models of brain-based education are multidisciplinary, relying on several disciplines like psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science, sociology etc. Brain plays an important role in the effect of classroom groupings, assessments, physical activity, lunchroom foods etc. Schools’ can affect students’ brain in several ways including through social conditions, stress, nutrition etc. These factors induce brain-based  influences by altering cognition, memory and attention. Neuroscientists Gerd Kempermann and Fred Gage discovered that the new neurons in the brain are intensely associated with memory, mood and learning. The process of neurons can be enhanced through good nutrition, low stress and proper exercise. The brain has the ability to remap itself due to its neuroplasticity (Jenson, 2008). This process can be influenced through reading, meditation, skill-building, career and technical education, and thinking skills, which contribute to student success. The importance of physical education is also emphasized by brain research. Cognitive scientists, physiologists, educational psychologists and physical educators have strongly endorsed this view. Today more and more schools of education are incorporating the knowledge gained from brain research. Harvard University’s Mind, Brain and Education or MBE program produces postgraduates and doctors who eventually get engaged in interdisciplinary positions, both in research and practice. A report by the National Research Council Committee in September 2006, on the state of K-8 science education, has determined that science instructions offered in schools today are outdated. These are predominantly based on research findings of about three to four decades early. The report offers groundwork for the next reforms and is based on the recent understandings of how children learn, and recommends a narrower and better focus on important areas of science. It seeks to improve professionalism among teachers and have each aspect of instruction and  learning, better integrated with each other. The Council’s Committee on Science Learning, responsible for science learning in kindergarten to eighth grade had reviewed both, the reforms undertaken in science education in the last decade and the recent understandings of learning and cognitive science. The committee emphasized that young children are capable of intricate thinking and that each student develops an individual understanding of the nature around him. It also stated that the current debate on the importance of teaching content versus teaching process skills, should be put aside and both be replaced by interweaved aspects of science expertise. The committee has suggested that the curriculum, instruction and assessment should be properly integrated with the focus of fewer, central elements in each discipline, rather than surface level study of a wide topic. It points out that the current science education is based on relatively old assumptions. The current science education underestimates children’s ability of complex thinking and is more attributed to difficulty level in children rather than their ability. For instructions to be successful, teachers need to have a sound understanding of the subject, know how to teach it effectively and also be familiar with the recent research on student learning (AIP, 2006). Proper, effective instructions can clear misunderstandings and bring understanding closer to perfect. The instructions should include student encounters with science in a sequentially designed and strategic way. Students identified as proficient in science must be capable of explaining the scientific perception of the natural world. They need to be capable of introducing andn  analyzing scientific explanations, understand all aspects of scientific knowledge development, and participate in science-based exercises/discussions. The role of philosophy in developing the intellectual skills of children has been widely acknowledged. The induction of philosophy into the high school academic curriculum is gaining momentum, emphasizing not only the importance of the subject among them, but also the capability of the children for philosophical thinking. Dr. Matthew Lipman (1991), a philosophy professor at Montclair State College in New Jersey, emphasized that bringing philosophy into schools would only enhance the educational experience of children. The argument here was, philosophy could contribute to critical thinking, which is vital for all other subjects. Empirical evidence also shows that the cognitive and academic skill of children is vastly improved by teaching them reasoning skills early in life, banking on children’s natural inquisitiveness and sense of wonder. Obviously, such development would also contribute to the understanding of science and maths. It is estimated that about half the secondary teachers in the United States quit teaching within five years. Studies on the selection and services of secondary science and maths teachers reveal their inhibitions of isolated profession, lack of mentoring and dwindled prospects (KSTF, 2005). It is also important to address these issues, for the success of teaching and learning reforms. The new methods of education for school  children, particularly for maths and science should reflect the latest research into children’s ability and brain functioning. Engaging children in philosophical dialogues, also contributes to their ability of sophisticated thinking. REFERENCES American Institute of Physics. (AIP, 2006) NRC Report Finds Much of Current K-8 Science Teaching Outdated.   FYI Number 142: December 20, 2006 [Electronic Version] downloaded on 24th Feb. 2007 from How to cite Teaching Mathematics and Science in Schools, Essay examples

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Medical Ethics Violation

Introduction In the past, medical ethics has been centered on the doctor, the patient, and the doctor- patient affiliation. Nevertheless, in the contemporary setting, most care happens in organizational backgrounds; for instance, group practices among others. Medical cultures and strategies influence the care given to patients as well as decorum in the sector, either positively or negatively.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Medical Ethics Violation specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Bloodgate is the instance discussed in this paper as a case of medical ethics violation. Bloodgate stands for a rugby match outrage linking the Harlequins against the Leinster teams and it was dubbed as such following the employment of counterfeit blood (Muirhead 195-196). In early 2009, Harlequins was lagging behind Leinster 6-5 in the rugby quarterfinals in a bid to win the Heinecken Cup in England. The Winger of the Harlequins team, Tom Williams, â€Å"all of a sudden spewed blood out of his mouth, which prompted the team to substitute a professional kicker, Nick Evans, for Williams. Nevertheless, what came out of Williams’ mouth was not real blood; instead, it was false blood coming from a capsule given to Williams by his trainer† (Carter 48). This paper discusses medical ethics violation during this rugby match. Bloodgate – a health care Ethics Violation The application of a false blood capsule was instigated by a former rugby director, Dean Richards, and was presented to Williams by Steff Brennan (physiotherapist at that time). However, this hoax did not bear fruits. Following the faked blood injury, Evans, a player that had previously been substituted, was permitted back into the field. The officials and â€Å"players of the Leinster team became suspicious and while at the locker room, panic gripped Williams† (Carter 48). Williams pleaded with an emergency room doctor operating a s the Harlequins team general practitioner, Dr. Wendy Chapman, to make a small cut on his lip in order for Williams to have a justification for his case. Subsequent to some dithering, Dr. Chapman accepted to go along with Williams’ request. Afterward, when inquired concerning the occurrence, she (Dr. Wendy) gave confirmation that a loose incisor was the reason behind the cut. Nonetheless, a recording of the game between Harlequins and Leinster demonstrated Williams taking a capsule that was in his socks and stealthily placing it in his mouth prior to the fake blood coming out from his mouth (Chaitt, Moses, and Jones 5-9). Williams was as well seen winking at the other players of Harlequins as he came out from the field.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Upon leaving the pitch, Williams headed to Dr Wendy, who had no prior information on the issue. Subsequent to reiterated persistent demands from Williams, Dr Wendy made a cut on Williams’ lip. The demands from Williams were made more imperative by the reality that a representative from the European Rugby Cup (ERC) as well as the Leinster doctor were struggling to get their way in to the private health facility (they had no permission to do according to the participation accord). The wound due to the cut made was partially healed with the use of gauze and pressure on Williams’ mouth. There were no stitches needed. The idea of having the cut made was solely from Williams (Gaskin, Jenny, and Clark 160-165). Richards was not in attendance and was not even conscious of the cut until later. While responding to claims that her behavior was liable of causing the profession lose reputation and appear insincere, counsel for Dr Wendy confessed to a number of charges, and admitted that she made the cut since the player desired to show â€Å"an actual injury†. The participation of the doctor i n the deception makes this a medical ethics violation. In this regard, some legal actions were inevitable. The coach of the Harlequins team, Dean Richards, was disallowed from training in the European clubs for a period of three years. The trainer that provided Williams with the false blood capsule, Steph Brennan, was deferred for two years. The Harlequins team was given a fine of 259,000 British pounds. Moreover, in the late 2009, the United Kingdom General Medical Council (GMC) deferred Dr. Wendy Chapman for a period of one year. A two-week hearing of the misconduct of Dr. Wendy by GMC was set. At the latest hearing of Dr. Wendy, she gave evidence that she was in anticipation of surgery due to breast cancer at the time and was as well putting up with depression during that occasion, which messed up her decision. Dr Wendy in addition confessed that she had previously failed to inform a European Rugby Cup disciplinary hearing that she had made the lip cut (Anderson 948). She was ext remely ashamed of her violation of medical ethics and horror-struck that she had deceived regarding her actions. The Bloodgate was a chance to bring an excellent kicking to rugby and observed in wisdom after the event, the swiftness with which disgrace poured forth is openly unpleasant. Dr. Wendy was suspended from the moment the news of the matter broke, the largest part of it with no pay, and was recuperating from surgery due to breast cancer (Gaskin, Jenny, and Clark 166-170).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Medical Ethics Violation specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Dr Wendy was not supposed to have given in to the demands from Williams at all; she should have acted according to the stipulated laws. However, sacking her could be an unpleasant overreaction that is not essential to guarantee public wellbeing, which ought to be the major concern of the General Medical Council. The utter temperament of a number of the public displeasure of Dr. Wendy was shocking. The adequate punishment as per a number of the displeasures is straight removal from the profession coupled with frequently having the support of biased and incorrect Hippocratic Oath recommendation. Scores of the most passionate supporters of sacking have expressed disapproval of Dr. Wendy, while ignoring every other detail. Considering Dr Wendy and officials of European Rugby Cup, it is evident that she was charged incorrectly by the ERC, which afterward declared that it had no authority over her. The officials of the ERC should have asked Dr. Wendy to be a witness. Once she became the defendant, Dr Wendy had no responsibility to formulate any statement. The General Medical Council would have possibly made the loss of Dr. Wendy’s medical licensure; however, the Council opted to allow her to resume duty after a year (Gaskin, Jenny, and Clark 171-175). The chairperson of the GMC team stated that usually such bad behavior coul d be anticipated to materialize in an outcome of impaired suitability to practice. Nevertheless, the incidents of this case are entirely outstanding in that the professional medical confirmation recommends that in the nonexistence of depression, one would not have performed in this manner.  It appears that the prior act of Dr. Wendy had been with no fault. The General Medical Council took her ethics violation as an unusual act, viz. one-time issue. Comparing the misconduct of Dr. Wendy to instances of sex involving physicians and patients could help in justifying the verdict given by the General Medical Council. Building up a sexual affiliation with a current or former patient taints the reputation of the profession itself, no matter its consequences on the patient. The effect to the patient is a possible result of patient- doctor sex while effect to the profession is an unavoidable upshot. The public, doctors, and patients will lose confidence and esteem for the health career. It is thus justifiable as to why the GMC made such a conclusion as regarding Dr. Wendy. Making the assumption that her ethical violation in the case of Williams was not an indication of a practice of unethical conduct and that her act as an emergency doctor met medical and ethical principles, there is thus no cause to perceive her as an unsafe bet for patients in times to come.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Furthermore, the effect to public opinion of the veracity of the health profession is not similar to one with a sexual affiliation (Anderson 949). The ethical violation of Dr. Wendy demonstrated human weakness, but did not stand for self-satisfaction or potential mistreatment of a patient. The one year of deferment coupled with an apology to the public was enough for Dr. Wendy. Moreover, Wendy was directed that the right panel before which to present evidence was the General Medical Council. In this regard, Wendy was under a compulsion from a specialized cover insurance position to go by that counsel or cater for the cost of every proceeding. The description of the occurrence to the General Medical Council by Williams was extraordinarily unclear. Williams stated that he asked Dr. Wendy to make a small cut on his lip and added that he could recall that she was not pleased concerning it (Chaitt, Moses, and Jones 10-12). The explanations provided by numerous parties, which include the agents of Williams and the European Rugby Cup, generated a feeling that Dr. Wendy was aware of the cheat and conspiracy and that she had presented deceptive statements. Experiencing a similar continued exposure that Dr. Wendy encountered, even accounting for her guilt, one could deem it as an adequate reprimand, not to mention the loss of earnings. Dr. Wendy was admonished publicly and clearly, she will not accept to operate anymore as a voluntary rugby doctor; consequently, there is no panic of a repeat of the happening. Conclusion In the past, medical ethics concentrated on the doctor, the patient, and the doctor- patient affiliation; however, nowadays most care happens in organizational surroundings. In early 2009, during a rugby match in a bid to win the Heinecken Cup, Williams, the winger of the Harlequins team, spewed blood out of his mouth that permitted the team to make a substitution for Evans. Nonetheless, Williams did not spew true blood out of his mouth, but false blood coming from a capsule from Brennan, the trainer of the team. Immediately after leaving the field, Williams headed to Dr. Wendy and made persistent demands that forced Dr Wendy to make a cut at his lip to act as deception for a real injury at the field, and thus she committed a medical ethics violation. Consequently, some legal actions were inevitable for each participant. Works Cited Anderson, Lynley. â€Å"Bloodgate: Were the punishments fair.† British Journal of Sports  Medicine 45.12 (2011): 948-949. Print. Carter, Helen. â€Å"Bloodgate scandal doctor ‘pressured into cutting rugby player’s lip’.†Ã‚  The Guardian 23 Aug. 2010: 48. Print. Chaitt, Michelle, Richard Moses, and Scott Jones. â€Å"Prescription Drug Abuse, PDMPs, and the Changing Health System Paradigm: New Compliance, Quality, and Malpractice Exposures with Physician-Hospital Ventures.† Journal of Health Care Compliance 14.6 (2012): 5-12. Print. Gaskin, Deeona, Brenna Jenny, and Stacy Clark. â€Å"Recent Developments in Health Law.† Journal of Law, Medicine Ethics 40.1 (2012):160-175. Print. Muirhead, William. â€Å"When four principles are too many: Bloodgate, integrity and an action-guiding model of ethical decision making in clinical practice.† Journal of Medical Ethics 38.4 (2012): 190-196. Print. This essay on Medical Ethics Violation was written and submitted by user Ali York to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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British Petroleum Analysis Essay Essays

British Petroleum Analysis Essay Essays British Petroleum Analysis Essay Essay British Petroleum Analysis Essay Essay IntroductionWilliam Knox D’Arcy founded BP plc. once known as British Petroleum. in 1909. they are a planetary company specialising in oil and gas. headquartered in London. England. BP has continued to turn since its origin. and now employs over 80 thousand people in 70 states worldwide ( Company History. N. D. para1 ) . Harmonizing to CNN money BP is ranked figure six among other planetary 500 companies ( Fortune Global 500. BP. n. d. ) . Its cardinal strengths are in oil and gas geographic expedition and production ; the refinement. selling and supply of crude oil merchandises ; and the fabrication and selling of chemicals. It supports all its concerns with high quality research and engineering ( Company History. N. D. para3 ) . External Environment Economic TendenciesKnowledge is power and the more cognizant you are of tendencies within the economic system. the more successful you will finally be. BP is merely one of many companies in the oil and gas industry doing an impact on environmental tendencies. A common end amongst rivals within this industry is to turn up oil and convey it to consumers. due to some of the economical tendencies this end is besides switching. The economic system is more favourable to take down gas monetary values. lower C emanations. and fuel efficiency. Companies within this industry have to equilibrate the demands of development and the demands of the economic system while seeking to protect the environment. BP has two chief countries of operation. one being the geographic expedition and production of oil and the other being refinement and selling ( BP. PLC ( BP ) . N. D. para1 ) Presently BP like many others in the industry are concentrating on ways to take down C emanations. and happening new resources of low-carbon energy. One of the ways BP is assisting conveying these ends and tendencies into fruition is the use of shale oil. Shale oil resources are being discovered allthroughout the United States. Shale oil has helped lower gas monetary values ( Oil and Gas. 2013. . para3 ) . BP late purchased Chesapeake Energy Corp’s place in the Woodford Shale-gas drama in Oklahoma for 1. 75 billion ; with this purchase they can spread out into shale gas and are trusting to add 200 million three-dimensional pess into production ( Major Oil. Meet Shale. 2008. para2 ) Harmonizing to BP they are taking assorted stairss in happening ways to cut down the sum of C dioxide emanations. One of the ways BP is cut downing C dioxide emanations is through solar energy. since solar power is carbon free. BP is one of the universes taking companies within the solar industry. offering assorted merchandises for consumer’s places and concerns. BP late started working with Home Depot to offer solar lighting. BP is besides concentrating on natural gas. which is doing up approximately 40 % of BP’s Portfolio and they are go oning to spread out to countries that have a high dependence on C. such as the United States. Mexico. and parts of Korea. Wind farms are besides triping argument as BP is looking to spread out into this country every bit good to offer C free electricity ( What Is BP Doing. N. D. para 23-27 ) . Another economic tendency that affects BP every bit good as the gas and oil industry as a whole is involvements rates. exchange rates. and the rate of rising prices. There are many factors to see when looking at the relationship between these rates and gas monetary values. For illustration. if these rates were to be raised it would impact the consumers and the fabrication costs. which would take down the sum of clip and money people spend driving. making less demand for oil. doing the monetary values to drop. The same would work if the rates lowered. set uping an inflow for consumers. which would ensue in more travelling and higher demand for gas. doing the monetary value to lift ( Parry. P. . 2013. Para4 ) . Political/ Legal There are several factors in the oil and gas markets that are affected by political relations and legalities. One of the chief factors is political agitation in the Middle East. The on-going attempts in Iraq and Afghanistan have driven the gasolene monetary values to all-time highs. More late the civil war onslaughts in Syria are doing jobs with development of Iraq’s gas and oil supplies. The Syrian forces have focused these onslaughts on the energy sector in an effort to take away their wealth since oil is chief gross. Due to this focal point the onslaughts have been chiefly on oil export grapevines. power coevals and transmittals. Fortunately. most of the onslaughts are non happening in the southern parts of Iraq where the largest supplies of oils are found ( Iraq: Syria War Spillover Hinders Oilfields. Pipelines. 2014. para3-4 ) . Oil spills into the oceans are a major factor on the political relations side of the oil and gas industries. One of the major spills by BP’s Deepwater Horizon bore in 2010. non merely took its toll on the company and the industry. but touristry. wildlife. and beaches were all to a great extent affected in the Gulf countries. Due to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe BP is on a five-year provisional period. and there are new safety steps being implemented across the industry. there are new training process. hazard direction procedures and equipment ( BP gets record mulct for Deepwater Horion. 2012. para2 ) . Demographics Demographics refer to a company’s consumers every bit good as employees. The oil and gas industry consumer base can be related to merely about everyone. with the retail facet of the gas station including gum. drinks. bites. etc. Gasoline in general is targeted to people that are of age to buy gasolene by and large public over the age of 16. which is the legal drive age. Harmonizing to the BP web site they offer callings in assorted Fieldss such as concern substructure. commercial. technology. operations. gross revenues and support. and engineering merely to call a few. BP has employees in Europe. Africa. the Middle East. Asia and North and South America ( Career Areas. N. D ) . Employee endowment within the oil and gas industry can enforce a job industry broad. Since developing employees in these Fieldss can be really dearly-won. it is expensive to develop new employees. and industry leaders by and large offer top degree wage and inducement bundles to retain their employees. ( Vogt. C. ND. Talent Retention in the Oil A ; Gas Industry. para1 ) Technological Trends Technology is the halfway focal point of all companies within the gas and oil industries. Technology affects everything from safety operations. turn uping resources. and change overing merchandises to lower-carbon merchandises. The chief focal point of engineering within BP is safety. and has been since the Deepwater Horizon bore spilled 4. 9million barrels of oil into the H2O of the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 work forces ( BP gets record mulct for Deepwater Horizon. 2012. Para2 ) . Due to Global warming BP along with their rivals are seeking for ways to minimise nursery gas emanations. Carbon Capture is a popular method amongst the companies in this industry. Carbon Capture focuses on capturing waste C dioxide from beginnings such as dodo fuel power workss that have an surplus of waste. Once the C waste has been captured it is transported to storage sites to be released where it can non re-enter and damage the ambiance ( Sadler. T. . 2013. para7 ) . The Keystone Pipeline is another manner engineering can assist the United States achieve energy and independency. The Keystone Pipeline will run from Alberta. Canada down through the Midwest United States stoping in Texas. The Keystone Pipeline undertaking has the end to turn out all oil produces in the US entree to oil refineries. which in the long tally would cut out the Middle East as our biggest provider ( Kalen. S. 2012. para2. ) . Socio/Cultural There are several societal and cultural impacts on the oil and gas industry. The chief factor is the lifting domestic energy monetary values. Gasoline monetary values are high ensuing in the consumer paying more for gas. in bend cut downing the sum of money available for other ingestion. significance people are driving less ( McKillop. A. 2012. para1 ) . Another factor is authorities aid with fuel measures. There are legion resources to supply aid with electric and heating measures. these plans are provided on the federal and province degrees for most of the United States. These plans help providers such as BP to have payment for the services. alternatively of ungathered measures. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program ( LIHEAP ) receives funding from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services ( DHHS ) . There are several beginnings available such as weatherization aid plan and the place energy aid plan ( HEAP ) . Although most of these plans receive funding from the province and federal authorities. there are non adequate beginnings for everyone who needs them. Global BP is an international company specialising in the oil and gas industry. BP no longer merely trades with oil and gas as shown by their chief concern activities which include the geographic expedition and production. refinement and selling and the distribution of energy every bit good as BP alternate energy. BP is ranked in the top grade of the their rivals such as Exxon. Anadarko. Chevron. Conoco Philips and Shell. Within this industry BP owns several labels as good including. Castrol. Arco. Aral. AM/PM and Wild Bean Cafe ( Our Brands. N. D. para1 ) . BP is the 3rd largest publicly traded oil company ranking behind two of its major rivals: Exxon and Shell. BP is the largest gas manufacturer in the United States with 15 treating workss ; they are besides considered a top refiner ( BP at a glimpse. 2013. para1 ) . Porters Five Forces Barriers to EntryThe Barrier to Entry degree for the oil and gas industry is high. The oil and gas industry is really hard to come in merely because of the start up costs entirely. Some of these get down up cost would be the drills. trucks. gas station locations. employees and the engineering used to turn up the resources in the land or the oceans. Entering into the industry as a specializer such as offering boring services to the major companies is more common and executable. The major barrier to entry into this industry is funding. the bulk of companies within this industry have been around for a really long clip. such as BP. which was established in 1909. Brand trueness is a immense factor in high barrier entry. since most of these big companies have a loyal client base. BP is a really good established company and has been constructing their big client base for decennaries. As defined by Hill and Jones trade name trueness is a consumer penchant for merchandises by a certain compan y ( Hill. C. . Jones. G. 2012pg58. para2 ) Suppliers Bargaining Power The bargaining power of providers is the ability providers have to raise input monetary values or to raise the cost of the industry. In BP and the oil and gas industry the providers dickering power is high. because there are realistically no replacements of the merchandise ( Hill. C. . 2012pg65. para2 ) . There are a assortment of oil and gas companies globally. nevertheless a few companies dominate the industry: BP. Shell. Exxon. etc. Buyers Dickering Power Harmonizing to Hill and Jones the bargaining power of byers is their ability to negociate lower monetary values charged by companies within an industry. They besides can raise costs by demanding better services and higher quality merchandises ( Hill. C. Jones. . G. 2012. page63-64 ) . Right now in the oil and gas industry the balance of power is resting in the custodies of the purchaser because of economic crisis and glut of merchandise. Since oil is considered a trade good and by and large all companies within the industry use the same methods for boring. the purchaser is able to seek the lower monetary values and more rewarding contracts. Substitute Product Threats Substitute merchandise menaces include the merchandises provided by companies or industries as a whole that can run into the demands of clients. The oil and gas industry does non merely intend fuel to run our vehicles. which would intend replacements would include fuels such as gas. coal solar and wind power. atomic energy and hydroelectricity. Although there are many countries refering oil and gas. the menace of replacement merchandises are low. there truly are no other beginnings to compare. Competition The companies in the oil and gas industry operate in a amalgamate industry. where the industry is dominated by a little figure of companies. BP’s biggest rivals are Exxon. Anadarko. Chevron. and Phillips anytime any of these companies make a move within the industry it warrants a response motion from its rivals. The competitions of the oil and gas industry have high issue barriers. because the demand for the merchandise is inactive due to the face that all refineries can make the same thing†¦ . green goods and refine merchandises. Firms Schemes Business SchemeHarmonizing to Hill and Jones the concern degree scheme â€Å"encompasses the concerns overall competitory subject. the manner it places itself in the market place to derive a competitory advantage and the different places schemes that can be used in different industry scenes. for illustration ; cost leading. distinction. concentrating on a peculiar niche or section of the industry or some combination of these† ( Hill. C. . Jones. G. . 2012 pg. 10 ) . Harmonizing to BP they compete in both concern to concern and concern to consumer markets with a client base in over 70 states. BP uses distinction in several ways but the major usage of this method was the usage of engineering to transform oil rigs to digital platforms. BP strives to guarantee the best quality and safety criterions. and besides modified their safety criterions after the Deepwater Horizon bore catastrophe in 2010. BP is considered a leader in the market place. They are ranked as the 6th largest company by market capitalisation. ( Facts and Figures. n. d. ) has competitory monetary values with other companies in the industry. the monetary values as a whole normally are reasonably even across the board and normally merely fluctuate by a few cents. Corporate Level Strategy Corporate degree scheme trades with what countries companies should be covering with in order to maximise profitableness ( Hill. C 2012. Page10 para3 ) . Harmonizing to BP they try to make a platform for growing and increased value over long periods of clip while go oning to turn and research new locales. They will go on their research to develop top-level safety and hazard direction criterions. and go on to develop engineering to turn up and entree hydrocarbons and ways to properly pull out them. BP will go on to do its presence in the industry known by researching alternate energy. passing about one billion per twelvemonth for this research. The current CEO of BP. Tony Hayward. stated at BP’s one-year scheme presentation that he â€Å"would be surprised if we saw chances at the corporate level†¦it is non something I am awfully focused on† ( Crooks. E. 2010 parity # 12 ) Technology Strategy Technology is at the centre of everything BP does. it is used in safety safeguards find. recovery. efficiency and low C hereafter development. Harmonizing to BP they employ over 500-safety and hazard specializer working with directors in the field to assist better decision-making regarding criterions ( BP and Technology. N. D. para1 ) . BP uses a engineering called seismal imagination. which is at the head of engineering in the industry. Through the usage of seismal imagination. sound moving ridges are used to find where oil militias are in the land. This process gives BP a major caput start in detecting oil and gas and nailing where to bore. With a focal point on a lower C hereafter BP’s chief country of growing concentrating on air current and biofuels because they have the most possible. Firms Competences Tangible Resources BP’s human resource direction gives its employees chances to see many ways to stand out within the company. Throughout their calling homo resource direction forces will profit from a wide base of support and preparation. Personal support is besides available through squad leaders. wise mans. and fellow employees. Among these employees BP besides has squads of applied scientists developing new and safer agencies of making energy. BP has employees that trade with safety steps within the company along with the environment. BP’s employees will besides move as an indispensable spouse to the concern. The employees will besides work on existent universe undertakings assisting the company range ends in bettering organisation and human capital resources. BP’s physical resources were used during the monolithic oil spill in 2010. The physical resources that were used during this clip were chiefly manpower. The man-power used were legion employees. voluntaries. and other org anisations. Since the oil spill happened in the center of the ocean. the toxins within the oil spread throughout the Gulf. along with doing its manner to the US. Over 30. 000 people responded to this major oil spill working to roll up oil. clean up beaches. take attention of animate beings and works life effected. and performed other assorted responsibilities. Another physical resource that BP uses is the natural resource of oil and gases. BP is presently in the production The Chirag Oil Project. This undertaking has started operations. increasing production from a elephantine oil field in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea. Its major physical resource would hold to be its monolithic drill rigs and grapevines. These rigs and grapevines help pull out and transport the oil and gases that have been found and gathered. Harmonizing to the NASDAQ Annual Income Statement. BP has gone up 29 % since 2009 to 2012 in its Current Liquidity Ratio. and the Cash Liquidity Ratio has gone up approximately 12 % from 2009 to 2012. The ground BP’s liquidness ratio has risen the past old ages is due to the current liabilities. The company’s income has lowered after the monolithic oil spill. The company has lost big sums of income due to the spill by holding to supply cleaning crews. colonies to the people affected by the spill. and the loss of concern from consumers. The loss of consumers came due to the negative position of the company after the oil spill in the Gulf. Since. the Gulf oil spill. the company now stresses the importance of development without fouling the environment. Finding alternate signifiers of energy like solar and H is portion of that vision. This development besides brings in more financess to the research and development. The liability caps and the function they may hold played in promoting moral jeopardy. Just as bank sedimentations are guaranteed by authorities sedimentation insurance. and big Bankss themselves are likely to large to neglect. liability for belongings harm from oil spills off US Waterss is limited to $ 75 million ( plus killing costs ) . based on a 1990 jurisprudence passed after the Exxon Valdiz spill. This presumptively mitigates drillers’ inducements to pull off environmental hazard. Indeed. oil companies enjoy a really cosy relationship with their apparent defenders ; as the NY Times noted. â₠¬Å" decennaries of jurisprudence and usage have joined authorities and the oil industry in the chase of crude oil and net income. † The federal bureau that oversees boring. the Minerals Management Service. rakes $ 13 billion a twelvemonth in fees in what sums to a public-private partnership. The concern benefits of using a consistent attack to knowledge direction have been important. BP concern directors attributed 100s of 1000000s of dollars of added value as a direct consequence of utilizing this attack. A practical illustration of this has been in the cost decrease in the building of European retail sites. At the beginning of 1998 a challenge is set of cut downing the physique costs of retail sites in Europe by 10 % . The Alliance ( a joint venture between BP and Bovis ) is responsible for the direction of these activities in Europe. The Alliance was engaged in the benefits of cognition direction and invited the BP KM Team to assist them accomplish this result. Step alteration in costs was delivered in 1998 ( nest eggs of $ 74 million ) due to the harvest home and sharing of cognition between the undertaking engineers in Europe. This gave BP Downstream Retail competitory advantage in the Mature European Marketplace. Undertaking applied scientists in Venezuela. China. Poland. and Japan are now besides leveraging this cognition on a planetary graduated table. Similar illustrations of increased public presentation have come from BP’s KM application in rushing up concern restructuring. developing new oil A ; gas Fieldss. bettering works productiveness and speed uping new retail market entry. Intangible Resources BP has a negative repute among consumers and other people throughout the universe. Due to the monolithic oil spill and the company about traveling belly-up. its CEO and board of managers have tried to convey a more positive expression to the company. by seeking for new signifiers of clean energy. The company has ever been known for its large production of oil for legion states worldwide. Since the oil slop the company has been implementing a higher and more intense safety criterion. Although. BP has a negative repute. it has a well-known name in the oil and energy concern. Some may believe that BP is excessively big to neglect due its name and some authorities backup and support. BP has been in the oil industry since 1909. get downing out boring in Persia. Along with BP holding the largest grapevine in the universe has brought solar power to remote small towns in the Philippines due the difficult work of its employees. BP has used engineering throughout its concern to maintain up with the altering times and the demand for fuel and energy. It has scientist happening new signifiers of low-carbon energy while cut downing BP’s ain parts to carbon in the ambiance. Under this new streamer BP took bigger and bigger stairss towards turn toing clime alteration. It installed solar panels at its service Stationss. brought solar power to remote small towns in the Philippines. helped convey hydrogen-fuelled coachs to London and introduced new. cleaner types of motor fuel. It created a unit. BP Alternative Energy. devoted to doing from all the assorted types of low-carbon energy feasible. large-scale and profitable concern. These low-carbon energy beginnings are solar. air current. natural gas. and biofuels. Along with these new low-carbon energy beginnings being made. BP has besides unveiled a new manner of pull outing oil. bring forthing more oil and widening the life span of its drill rigs. The new engineering would be good for oilfields worldwide. The company is utilizing new engineering everyday as they find new and safer ways to make energy infusion. and shop oil. The company has used inventions to assist with its image in the public oculus. They have begun turning used oil and gathered oil from the monolithic spill to asphalt to be used on roads. Proof-of-concept testing confirmed that the merchandise could run into proficient demands. BP worked with transit and environmental functionaries from several provinces to carry on trials on utilizing the stuff for main road pavement undertakings. Along with the reuse of oil to asphalt. there has been a motion in the Restoration of the Gulf Coast with difficult and soft containment roars every bit good as segregated plastics besides were gathered in presenting countries along affected country and so sent to waste-to-energy installations or recycled into new plastic merchandises. One plan developed during the Deepwater Horiz on incident resulted in routing skimmed fluids to oil renewal installations. The fluids were so sent through a recovery procedure. which was able to repossess and change over some of them into marketable crude oil merchandises. Value-Added Chain BP’s inbound logistics activities are comprised of a series of many grapevines. oil oilers. and other signifiers of transit that move the extracted petroleum oil to refinement workss worldwide. The company’s monolithic planetary operations make efficient and effectual logistics that help maintain the costs of transporting rough oil depression. This efficient planetary web of transporting rough supply makes more cost advantage for BP in the long tally. Light conveyance is BP’s manner of outbound logistics as it utilizes its planetary networking to execute this logistic. The big supply and distribution logistics web allows BP to execute its light conveyance and distribution of refined oil with great efficiencies. which help in take downing costs for BP. By take downing the costs of conveyance of refined oil BP would be able to carry on more research and upgrading the low-carbon energy research. Besides this would give the company bigger budget to spread out its new engineering for making a safer boring procedure. BP’s chief operation is polishing rough oil brought in from throughout the universe. The refinement activities of this company are distributed strategically around the universe. with close propinquity to its demand markets. With its refineries strategically placed BP has the ability to make maximal efficient balances between its inbound and its outbound logistics. BP places its refineries to hold propinquity to their oil and gas Fieldss while besides being to those energy markets. The company markets its oil and gas through its huge planetary retail web. which is made up of chiefly its BP Service Stations. BP has excelled in gross revenues due to its advertisement run by utilizing the latest societal media and telecasting commercials. Another signifier of advertisement many people have seen from BP is though the intelligence Stationss. by making positive actions BP is doing a better name for itself. which markets BP’s committedness to sustainability and cleanliness in the biotic country in malice of its past failures. The company has rebranded itself as to look more-green friendly in today’s energy market. It has went as far altering its name from British Petroleum to BP. by which deducing but non saying it stands for â€Å"Beyond Petroleum† . This run includes a new expression that asserts the company’ committedness to sustainability. The advertised committedness to sustainability and green energy has created a competitory advantage for BP. Competitive Advantage Factors If it is these resources and capablenesss. in all their assorted signifiers. that create the possible for competitory advantage. the inquiry about how they can really make it remains. The initial reply is that they must be developed. coordinated and so deployed in such a manner that the company can supply goods or services more economically than others or be able to fulfill customers’ demands and wants better than challengers. the ideal being a combination of the two. Whether such competitory advantage outputs good net income watercourse. nevertheless depends on a 2nd set of judgements and determinations. The existent products/services to be provided are: the nature and size of the client market chosen. and the competitory nature of that market place. The ability to repeatedly acquire this right is another set of capablenesss. If this is done right. the resulting competitory advantage and its net income watercourse may non be sustainable. Competitors. dying to portion in the p rofitable chance. the company has uncovered will seek to follow suit. BP has two basic ways of making this. either straight copying the product/service or by supplying a good/better option. In the product/market sphere there are countless ways of accomplishing this. Merchandises may be reverse-engineered to detect their constituent parts and how they were made. Service bringing can be sampled repeatedly until the cardinal elements are identified. and so replicated. Marketing outgo can be matched. alternate distribution channels found. Even in-company resources and capablenesss can be readily emulated or copied. Good rival analysis can quickly place anything from freshly installed IT systems to specialist machine tools that have provided a competitory border. It can bring out new gross revenues or selling techniques. constituent sourcing agreements. specialised service preparation. supplier partnerships. outsourcing trades and even which confederations or joint ventures are supplying new cognition. All provide keys to imitation or permutation. Widespread acknowledgment of this has led many companies to desperation of accomplishing sustainable competitory advantage. For illustration. during the 1980s. many fiscal establishments spent one million millions on IT systems that would give them a market border. merely to watch challengers purchase better. newer. faster equipment that negated any brief advantage they had. In the 1990s. retail merchants launched recognition and trueness cards to construct selling databases. merely to watch challengers do the same. Each evident advantage rapidly turns into merely another entry ticket to play in the game. SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis of BP will demo their strengths. failing. chances. and menaces. BP is one of the largest vertically incorporate oil and gas companies in the universe ( Research and Markets. 2010A ) . They are puting 1000000s in research and development. Timess and demand are altering. more and more consumers are traveling green. and to remain in competition with other companies they need to come up with something different. In 2010. BP is the company behind the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Because of this crisis the company needed to make something to derive the peoples trust. In the past BP has made serious communicating errors with its stakeholders. BP’s crisis communicating was a weak nexus in its crisis direction scheme ( Valvi A ; Fragkos. 2013 ) . Strengths The strength of the company comes from demand. selling. trade name. and research and development. The company’s operations chiefly include the geographic expedition and production of gas and rough oil. every bit good as the selling and trading of natural gas. power. and natural gas liquids ( Research and Markets. 2010B ) . BP is ranked at the world’s 3rd largest energy company and is positioned as a transnational oil company headquartered in London ( Essay UK. 2013A ) : Since 2012 BP will hold invested $ 500 million into selling in the US in an effort to revamp its trade name ( Bhasin. 1012. para 1 )As I sit here watching the 2014 winter Olympics. I have seen several commercials about BP partnering with the United States. portion of its selling run.BP is the figure one taking vertically integrated company. involved in upstream. midstream and downstream oil concerns ( Bp. plc swot analysis. 2013. pg. 5 ) . BP upstream engineering plans. involves puting in incremental betterments and new engineering that can transform the industry. The new engineering will beef up in geographic expedition. deepwater. elephantine Fieldss. and gas value ironss ( â€Å"Our major engineering. † N. D. para1 ) . Many people today are refering themselves with the environment. BP is developing alternate energy. including solar. BP has invested in solar. air current. and biofuel power. seeking to supply power without harming the environment ( Hitchcock. 2012 ) . Because of upstream engineering flagships. BP has been able to maximise resources. increase recovery rates ; real-time information engineerings are enabling safety. dependability and efficiency across operations ( â€Å"Our major engineering. N. D. . para2 ) . The company began building of a new high-performance computer science ( HPC ) centre in Houston ( Bp. plc swot analysis. 2013. pg. 4 ) . BP was awarded a contract to unlock high force per unit area oil and gas resources in deep H2O. and planned on puting $ 100 million over 10 old ages to put up the International Center for Advanced Materials ( ICAM ) to fund research into cardinal apprehension and usage of advanced stuffs. from self-healing coatings to membranes. across the energy industry The advantages that BP has with being a vertically incorporate concerns allows them completive advantage from other companies in the planetary oil market. It provides control over the full value concatenation. enabling the company to bring forth merchandises which are used at different phases in the value concatenation ( Bp. plc swot analysis. 2013. pg. 5 ) . Failing Between the old ages 1965 and 2010 BP has spent 1000000s from the many jobs endured: ranging from oil rigs turtling. risky substance dumping. refinery detonation. corrosion in grapevines ensuing in insulating agent escape propane monetary value use. North sea chopper accident. and eventually Deepwater Horizon good detonation ( Andrews. 2010 ) . From these jobs many died. while others were injured. The Deepwater Horizon good detonation was the worst. Congress accused the company â€Å"of keep backing informations from the ocean floor and barricading attempts by independent scientists to com up with estimations of petroleum fluxing into the Gulf each day† . The US authorities has named BP as the â€Å"responsible party† for this incident ( Andrews. 2010. pg. 20 ) . In November 2012. BP reached an understanding with the US authorities to pay $ 4 billion to decide all federal felon claims originating out of the Gulf of Mexico incident. go forthing BP with a bad repute. burdened hard currency flow. which could hinder its ability to put in new chances. and present long-run growing ( Bp. plc swot analysis. 2013. pg. 6 ) . The company has experienced a diminution in net incomes. FY2012 recorded operating net income was $ 19. 733 million. a lessening of 50. 4 % compared to FY2011. The net net income was $ 11. 582 million. a lessening of 54 % compared to FY2011. The lessening in the operating and net net incomes of the company affected the overall profitableness of the company ( Bp. plc swot analysis. 2013. pg. 7 ) . You would believe this was the straw that broke the camels back. Not merely did it impact the company but it besides compacted several provinces. How would BP of all time retrieve? They will be paying for many old ages to come. Opportunities BP has been disposing many of its assets to concentrate more on its strengths. So far they have sold $ 38bn worth of assets since the Deepwater Horizon calamity. and program to sell of about $ 10bn more of assets by the terminal of following twelvemonth ( BBC News. 2014 parity 17 A ; 19 ) . BP has several external chances. including by acquisition in the North Sea country. BP’s future net income by moving in the suited boundaries country in the Russia part. implement program to accomplish alternate energy methods insist of Hydrogen. natural gas. air current and solar investing ( Nhid. 2011. pg. 9A ) . Not to advert legion investings. Menaces Many of BP’s menaces are external. chiefly from the Deepwater Horizon repute. other menaces are: environmental militant. legal and political issues. which will increase the cost of operations for the company investing ( Nhid. 2011. pg. 9B ) . and moralss. The oil. gas. and petrochemicals industry is extremely competitory. High competition puts force per unit area on accessing new chances. licence costs. and merchandise monetary values. affects oil merchandises selling. and requires uninterrupted direction focal point on cut downing unit costs and bettering efficiency. while guaranting safety and operational hazard is non compromised. The execution of group scheme requires continued technological progresss and invention including progresss in geographic expedition. production. refinement. and petrochemicals fabricating engineering ( Bp. plc swot analysis. 2013. pg. 9 ) . Decision In decision. BP start up company was British Petroleum. supplying gas and oil. The company is germinating with research and development in other avenues. BP has had its ups and downs in the company. the latest being Deepwater Horizon oil spill. From this calamity they needed to take a measure back and expression at things in a new visible radiation Through all of this they are graded figure six among other planetary companies specialising in oil and gas. the 3rd largest publicly traded oil company. the world’s 3rd largest energy company. and the figure one taking vertically integrated company. who employs over 80 thousand people. Since the cost of developing top-level employees is expensive. BP offers an attractive inducement bundle to maintain them with the company. As gas monetary values surge. and transit altering the company needs to besides alter with the demand. BP is in the procedure of happening new resources of low- C energy to take down C emanation. BP is one of the universes taking companies within the solar industry. working with Home Depot offering solar lighting. Within the industry BP owns several labels. BP doesn’t have an official mission statement. but provides several different statements called: â€Å"what we do† . â€Å"What we stand for† A ; â€Å"What we value† ( â€Å"Mission statement of. † 2013 parity 1 ) â€Å"What we do: We find. develop and bring forth indispensable beginnings of energy. We turn these beginnings into merchandises that people need everyplace. The universe needs energy and this demand is turning. This energy will be in many signifiers. It is. and will ever be. critical for people and advancement everyplace. We expect to be held to high criterions in what we do. We strive to be a safety leader in our industry. a world-class operator. a good corporate citizen and a great employer. We are BP. What we stand for: Above everything. that starts with safety and excellence in our operations. This is cardinal to our success. Our attack is built on regard. being consistent and holding the bravery to make the right thing. We believe success comes from the energy of our people. We have a finding to larn and to make things better. We depend upon developing and deploying the best engineering. and constructing durable relationships. We are committed to doing a existent difference in supplying the energy the universe needs today. and in the changing universe of tomorrow. We work as one squad. We are BP. What we value: SafetyRespectExcellenceCourageOne Team† ( â€Å"Mission statement of. † 2013 para 2-4 )With the sum of money the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe costs the company. BP had to calculate out how they were traveling to last. Through SWOT analysis. and research and development they are coming up with ways to assist the hereafter turn the company. Recommended Strategic ActionPeoples in the U. S. who weren’t aware of BP. before 2010. their trade name became good known after the Deepwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It left BP with a bad repute. BP needs to go on to re-build their image. Although there are many environmental challenges. BP is accommodating to the demands of a more sustainable society. desiring to be an energy company. instead than an oil company. they need to go on to maintain the consumer in head. BP R A ; D squad continues to come up with new thoughts and ways to better the environment by supplying solar. and weave energy. H. and natural gas. They have sold many assets. go on to sell more. and invest in assorted undertakings. they may desire to look donating to private organisations to assist communities. In their mission. 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Examples of Brain Drain in the Developing World

Examples of Brain Drain in the Developing World Brain drain refers to the emigration (out-migration) of knowledgeable, well-educated, and skilled professionals from their home country to another country. This can take place because of several factors. The most obvious is the availability of better job opportunities in the new country. Other factors that can cause brain drain include: war or conflict, health risks, and political instability. Brain drain occurs most commonly when individuals leave less developed countries (LDCs) with fewer opportunities for career advancement, research, and academic employment and migrate to more developed countries (MDCs) with more opportunities. However, it also occurs in the movement of individuals from one more developed country to another more developed country. The Brain Drain Loss The country that experiences brain drain suffers a loss. In LDCs, this phenomenon is much more common and the loss is much more substantial. LDCs generally do not have the ability to support growing industry and the need for better research facilities, career advancement, and salary increases. There is an economic loss in the possible capital that the professionals may have been able to bring in, a loss in advancement and development when all of the educated individuals use their knowledge to benefit a country other than their own, and a loss of education when educated individuals leave without assisting in the education of the next generation. There is also a loss that occurs in MDCs, but this loss is less substantial because MDCs generally see an emigration of these educated professionals as well as an immigration of other educated professionals. Possible Brain Drain Gain There is an obvious gain for the country experiencing brain gain (the influx of skilled workers), but there is also a possible gain for the country that loses the skilled individual. This is only the case if professionals decide to return to their home country after a period of working abroad. When this happens, the country regains the worker as well as gains a new abundance of experience and knowledge received from the time abroad. However, this is very uncommon, particularly for LDCs that would see the most gain with the return of their professionals. This is due to the clear discrepancy in higher job opportunities between LDCs and MDCs. It is generally seen in the movement between MDCs. There is also a possible gain in the expansion of international networking that can come as a result of brain drain. In this respect, this involves networking between nationals of a country who are abroad with their colleagues who remain in that home country. An example of this is, which was established to encourage networking between Swiss scientists abroad and those in Switzerland. Examples of Brain Drain in Russia In Russia, brain drain has been an issue since Soviet times. During the Soviet-era and after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, brain drain occurred when top professionals moved to the West or to socialist states to work in economics or science. The Russian government is still working to counter this with the allocation of funds to new programs that encourage the return of scientists that left Russia and encourages future professionals to remain in Russia to work. Examples of Brain Drain in India The education system in India is one of the top in the world, boasting very few drop-outs, but historically, once Indians graduate, they tend to leave India to move to countries, such as the United States, with better job opportunities. However, in the last few years, this trend has started to reverse itself. Increasingly, Indians in America feel that they are missing the cultural experiences of India and that there are currently better economic opportunities in India. Combating Brain Drain There are many things governments can do to combat brain drain. According to the OECD Observer, Science and technology policies are key in this regard. The most beneficial tactic would be to increase job advancement opportunities and research opportunities in order to reduce the initial loss of brain drain as well as encourage highly-skilled workers both inside and outside the country to work in that country. The process is difficult and it takes time to establish these sorts of facilities and opportunities, but it is possible, and becoming increasingly necessary. These tactics, however, do not address the issue of reducing brain drain from countries with issues such as conflict, political instability or health risks, meaning that brain drain is likely to continue as long as these problems exist.

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Creatity idea work Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Creatity idea work - Scholarship Essay Example The alcohol control bodies also streamline the abstinence from excessive drinking through taking the victims through reliable measures of withdrawal and abstinence. The alcohol and drug control agencies ensure that rehabilitation programs work and are adequately resourced (Cornett 2009, p. 34). Consequently, the factors, which lead to alcohol engagement, are eliminated. For instance, low-income status and domestic conflicts result in the involvement of the people in alcoholism. The victims are also responsible for the predicaments. They are the ones to take the initiative to ensure that they abstain from overdrinking. Moreover, the society is negatively affected by the binge drinkers. The alcoholics also consume national resources, which are supposed to enhance developments. For instance, the funds spent by the government in the rehabilitation process cost the government much (Carr 2011, p.56). There are counselors needed to guide and counsel the binge drinkers and encourage them to stop the drinking habit even if they have become addicts. Additionally, the pills provided for abstinence cost the government much funds. The society also suffers because the binge drinkers always cause domestic chaos because the alcohol compromises the thought process of the victims. The physical factors influencing the aspect of binge drinking include a negative effect on health of the affected individuals. The proposal on the resolving of the prevalence of the binge drinking practice among the youth is sound. However, many factors must be considered in order for the remedy to apply efficiently. The idea proposed is viable because it is important to isolate heavy drinkers from the rest of the people in order to prevent the spread of the practice among other people who do not drink heavily. Additionally, the attention given to the heavy drinkers is vital especially in the rehabilitation process. It is plausible for the